The mark left by Pino Daniele is indelible and, after his death, “his music is worthy of being included in the ancient and noble roots of the Neapolitan song. Few authors, like him, have in fact been able to revive a courtly tradition which, however, struggled to renew himself and, above all, to get closer to the world of youth. In this sense, we can well say that Pino Daniele was able to indicate the intelligent path of an original production, capable of synthesizing both the sounds and languages ​​of our age, as well as the ancient poetry of a popular trend now destined for immortality. And the program set up for this concert confirms it to us fully, showing us how the use of music can also adapt well to a symphonic style “. (Cit. Ugo Sbisà)

The symphonic arrangements of Alfonso Girardo, in this production, honor the genius of Pino Daniele, without distorting him or changing what is his essence as a Neapolitan singer-songwriter.

PROGRAM (not in order of execution) duration: about 80 minutes

– Ouverture on Pino Daniele’s Themes
– A testa in giù
– Alleria-Quanno chiove
– Anima
– Che Dio ti benedica
– Medley (Putesse essere allere; ‘Na tazzulella’ e café; I say I’ sto ‘cca; Je sto vicino a te; Nun me scuccià; Je so’ pazz)
– Medley (Annaré; Musica musica; Tutta ‘n’ ata storia; A me me piace ‘o blues)
– Napul’è
– Notte che se ne va
– Quando
– Resta… Resta cu mme
– Se mi vuoi
– Yes I know my way


2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons

2 French Horns, 2 Trumpet (flugelhorn), 2 Bones


Strings (Quintet)