Puglia Jazz Factory is a quintet of musicians from one of the most creative regions of Italy, Puglia. Born as a special project in 2011 for a single date of the Rome Jazz Festival, promoted by the Musica per Roma Foundation in collaboration with Puglia Sounds, the collective was invited in March 2012 to record the disc as part of the Recording Studio review. The ensemble brings together some of the best personalities in the jazz field by marrying an innovative and well-defined artistic line. Thanks to the union of distinct personalities, the group offers a multi-faceted sound fueled by a common musical background that borders on pop and rock sounds. A real leaderless collective that offers original compositions of all members, a new bet of Italian jazz.

The perfect symbiosis between the quintet and the fine arrangements of Alfonso Girardo has given life to a sound that perfectly marries the jazz dynamics with the classical one, the obstinate syncopated rhythm to the sounds of the symphony orchestra, the dissonant melody of jazz to the splendid color of the orchestra - which is an integral part of the project.

The orchestral staffs available are 2, one large and one small, depending on the needs:

2 Fl, 2 Ob, 2 Bb Cl, 2 Bsn
4 F Hn - 2Tpt - 3Bones (3rd Bass)
Percussion (1 performer) [Vibraphone, Xylo, Piatti a due, Sus Cym]
Violins I (at least 8) – Violins II (at least 6) – Violas (at least 4) – Cellos (at least 4) – Contrabbasses (at least 2)


1Fl, 1Ob, 1 Bb Cl, 1Bsn
2F Hn, 2Tpt, 2Bones
Violins I (at least 6) – Violins II (at least 5) – Violas (at least 4) – Cellos (at least 3) – Contrabbasses (at least 1)