The project is a real journey that covers over sixty years of the history of Italian song, practically reaching up to the present day. From the sweet and romantic melodies sung by Mina, Gino Paoli and Luigi Tenco in the 60s, to the inevitable and always very current evergreens by Lucio Dalla and Mia Martini rearranged for the Symphony Orchestra by myself and G. Giannatempo and masterfully reinterpreted by Beppe Delre


Woodwinds: 2Fl – 2Ob – 2Cl – 2Bsn
Brass: 4Hn – 2Tp – 2Tbn
Percussion: 1 Timpani
Strings: 6Vl1 – 6Vl2 – 4Vla – 4Cello – 2Cb
Rhythm: Pianoforte – Contrabbasso – Batteria