Whitney Houston, a great, unforgettable artist and one of the greatest voices ever, who died on February 11, 2012, is reborn with this splendid project dedicated to her and her evergreen songs.
The project, unique of its kind, brings back to life the singer’s great successes in a particular guise, sewn especially for the Symphony Orchestra, from the famous slow songs – “I Will Always Love You”, “Run To You”, “I Have Nothing ”- to those dance -“ Queen of The Night ”,“ I’m Every Woman ”- until the last, indisputable success,“ Million Dollar Bill ”.
Bringing the singer’s great masterpieces to the surface from an entire orchestra, fantastically interpreted by Carla Casarano and the prestigious gospel choir Wakeup Gospel Project, makes the project even more unique and a sure success for audiences and critics.
On the other hand, Houston’s songs have spanned thirty years of music history, becoming, thanks to their incredible success, a ‘must’ in today’s pop music. Songs, yes, songs… .or better… .by now evergreen musical writing masterpieces brought to light thanks to a great musical project like this. Precisely for this reason the title of the project is “Whitney Lives”. “The Voice”, as it was famously called (taking a bit of the reins of Frank Sinatra’s success), is not dead! Indeed, it lives …. it lives in another voice, in another context and in a spiritual form so present that it is truly believed to be still alive. After all, when an artist is gone, his art continues to live, embracing the styles, forms and contents left behind, transforming everything into a new and innovative product.

Gospel Choir
Woodwinds: 1Fl – 1Ob – 1Cl – 1Bsn
Brass: 2Hn – 2Tp – 2Tbn
Percussions: 1 Timpani – Little percussions (1 performer)
Strings: 6Vl1 – 6Vl2 – 4Vla – 4Cello – 2Cb
Rhytm: Piano/Synth –  5 strings El. Bass – Drums – Guitar (acoustic/electric)


  1. I will always love you
    2. Run to you
    3. When you believe
    4. I have nothing
    5. Queen of the night
    6. Million dollar Bill
    7. I’m every woman
    8. I wanna dance with somebody
    9. All at once
    10. Greatest love of all
    11. All the man that I need
    12. Saving all my love for you
    13. One moment in time
    14. How will I know
    15. I’m your baby tonight
    16. Where do broken hearts go